#2 -Independence – Photo Days Project

Jardim Botanico Botanical Gardens – Rio De Janeiro – Independent – This is my favourite photo that I have ever taken. It reminds me of the nice relaxed day I spent walking around Jardim Botanico in Rio. I was alone but happy and relaxed. I spent half the day sitting on benches and sketching and the other half walking around inspecting the unusual plants and tree’s that I … Continue reading #2 -Independence – Photo Days Project

Two Italian Strangers in Barcelona…

Florence, Italy. A story about a weekend romance that lasted.  My first next adventure before I go to Thailand actually started a couple of years ago… When I flew to Barcelona on my own. The trip was with my University course, every year we went somewhere different for three to four days. That particular year we chose Barcelona. I had already been before and new that … Continue reading Two Italian Strangers in Barcelona…

#1 – Travel – Photo Days Project

Manchester Piccadilly Train Station – Travel – This image makes me bored and slightly annoyed. The image is part of Manchester Piccadilly train station, where I pass through twice a day. I spend at least an hour a day in their, just waiting for my next train. But on the day I took this, it was unusually sunny in Manchester and the word travel makes … Continue reading #1 – Travel – Photo Days Project

Hay Fever- We Need To Find A Cure!

Hay fever… I’m going to start with saying it is 100% not necessary. Lets start with the most common symptom of Hay Fever…   The constant cold and runny nose that try’s it’s hardest to ruin your summer. I can cope with a cold easily… Normally. But after 3 weeks of blowing my nose and sneezing, enough is enough. Not only do I sneeze a … Continue reading Hay Fever- We Need To Find A Cure!