Hay Fever- We Need To Find A Cure!

Hay fever… I’m going to start with saying it is 100% not necessary. Lets start with the most common symptom of Hay Fever…  

The constant cold and runny nose that try’s it’s hardest to ruin your summer. I can cope with a cold easily… Normally. But after 3 weeks of blowing my nose and sneezing, enough is enough. Not only do I sneeze a lot, I even sneeze when I’ve been indoors at work for the majority of the day. And to make it worse, every time I sneeze, I go dizzy! Sneeze five times in a row and that’s it I’m not only dizzy, I’m seeing three of everything! Not cool Hay Fever.

That brings us onto the headaches… Those weird headaches, where it starts and your not sure if you sneezed to hard and it will go away or if it’s time to take yourself to bed. The headaches are a weird feeling, a unusual type of headache, that I believe only hay fever sufferers will understand. I had never had a headache like it, until I suddenly developed hay fever three years ago.

You can develop hay fever at any time in your life! WHAT? I never got told that so as you can imagine, it was a shock when I had a cold for a month. 

I went into the local chemist to get my next weeks worth of cold remedies and the women behind the desk said “that won’t help you”. I was a bit confused, surely she shouldn’t be telling me that because if people don’t buy it, the company looses money. “oh, well which are the best ones to get? I can’t shift this cold” I replied as I looked back over to the isle where all of the flu and cold medicine were. When she came round to the front of the counter, I started to walk back over to the isle. She wasn’t moving. The lady was looking at the boxes next to the counter? Did I miss some new miracle medicine next to the counter? Nope. She was picking up a box of anti-histamines?!? Oooh she thinks I have hay fever… I went back over and stood next to her as she asked if I wanted the non-drowsy ones. “It’s okay, I don’t have hay fever” I said with way too much confidence and confusion on my face. She looked at me and started laughing… “You have been buying cold medicine for the last three or so weeks, every time you come in your eyes and nose are more swollen, your eyes are more blood shot and your headaches are worse than the last time. Tell me when you have ever had a cold that is so persistent, that you still have it a month later? A cold that makes your face itchy and swollen?”. When I thought about it, I hadn’t ever had a cold like it, it was strange. But I didn’t have hay fever as a kid?! This was definitely a Daniella Day, you can develop hay fever at any time that it feels it is necessary. 

Another common symptom is itchy and/or swollen eyes. The only way to explain this is like those itches under the skin that you can never reach. But this itch doesn’t just go away when your distracted by something else. And the trick everyone says “itching your eyes only makes it worse” is a complete myth. Yes if you really persevere and manage to resist itching for a hour, your eyes aren’t as swollen but they still itch just as much! 

So, I love gardening. It’s my little escape. Now, it’s like fighting the hulk with my arms tied behind my back and I’m lay on the floor while he kicks me in the head and then tickles my nose with a feather! But I’m the only one in my house that can do the garden, so today was torture day. 

What I dont understand is that it’s a extremely common allergy within the UK. The NHS believe that over 10,000,000 people have it! Well, why haven’t we had a breakthrough and found a cure for it yet United Kingdom? I just hope that the pollen levels and amount of sufferers are a lot lower in Thailand so I can finally just relax and enjoy some sun! 

How do you feel about hay fever? Do you suffer severely? Or is it mild? Have you never had it and still think that hay fever sufferers are being mard? Let me know what you think.


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