Two Italian Strangers in Barcelona…

Florence, Italy. A story about a weekend romance that lasted. 

My first next adventure before I go to Thailand actually started a couple of years ago… When I flew to Barcelona on my own. The trip was with my University course, every year we went somewhere different for three to four days. That particular year we chose Barcelona. I had already been before and new that I absolutely loved Barcelona. So I decided to go earlier than the rest of the course, on my own. Everyone called me crazy, but the first time I went I was on crutches and didn’t do some of things I wanted to. Being restricted by what other people wanted to do wasn’t a good way to see what I missed the first time. So, off I went… 

I stayed in the Generator Hostel in Barcelona, where my course would also be staying when they arrived on the following Monday. I flew out on Thursday and made my way to the hostel, it was the first time I had ever stayed in a hostel before so I didn’t know what to expect. It was a nice surprise as the hostel was beautiful and what you would expect from a more expensive hotel. I dropped my bags in my room and went back downstairs to the bar. It was dimly lit but stylish and cosy. I wasn’t sure if the bar staff would speak English or wether I’d have to attempt to order with my hands and feet. Stood at the bar I was next to two lads, both good lucking. One of them said something in a language that definitely wasn’t English and the other turned around and smiled at me. I felt my face burn up as I awkwardly smiled back. Luckily the guy behind the bar came to stand in front of me and asked what I would like to drink, in English. I ordered my drink and sat at a table which was near the back of the bar. 

The wi-fi in the hostel was actually pretty fast, Facebook was scrolling at normal speed and everything was amazing. I’d like to say that I reached up to take a sip of my vodka but I was excited and I wanted way more than a sip! As the glass hit my lip I noticed somebody stood in front of me, the drink carried on going into my mouth as I looked further into who was stood in front of me. 

Confidence, that’s what I saw. Two really hot confident guys. A smile slid across my face as I recognised the guys from the bar.  A few of my Uni friends had made a bet of how long it would take until I made some new friends,  the shortest bet was a hour obviously it was funny because It had been about 5 minutes. The taller one started talking and gesturing towards the seats in front of me. I had no clue what he was saying so I just responded with “yes, sit down”. They didn’t move and that is when I realised that they didn’t speak English, so didn’t have a clue what I was saying either. This was going to be fun. 

I spent the next four days hanging out with two Italian guys that didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak a word of Italian. The interesting part wasn’t the struggle to communicate, or that I’d only just met these two guys. The interesting part was that we didn’t stop talking, laughing, joking and we were having fun, talking with hands and feet! I was on top of the world, having the best time and I felt like I’d known the two random Italian guys for years. 

One of them was a year older than myself and the other was two years older. We went to the aquarium, out clubbing, for meals and found some hidden bars around Barcelona city centre. The good thing was they understood and spoke a little bit of Spanish so they could talk to the Spanish people of Barcelona and get better deals, and I could speak to the few English speaking people to getter deals. It worked quite well. 

We still speak now, when we are in completely different countries (although it’s a lot harder to communicate with hands and feet when all you have got is the alphabet and Google translate, which isn’t always reliable). When they left on Monday and my course arrived, I was left missing them and an overwhelming desire to go to Florence, Italy. They told me about so many amazing places and showed me some amazing pictures, Florence instantly got added to my list of having to go places. It was near impossible to turn them down when they said I should go back with them, and looking back on it now I think I should have just got on the crazy train and gone to Florence for a couple of days. 

But it’s better late than never and I fly out to Florence on Friday morning. No, I’m not going just to see my two Italian friends (and they are and always were just friends), I may not even manage to see them whilst I’m there. But I am going to see those amazing pictures and stories in real life, finally. I’m excited and I’m definitely not doing any research before I go!

Normally when I do anything I spend hours doing research and figuring things out, timelines, to-do lists, every detail planned out to a T. I never stick to it and it’s always much more fun when it doesn’t go to plan. So as a trial run before Thailand I’m trying out, not doing any pre-planning and just going with the flow. 

Let’s go to Florence!!!

Have you ever been to Florence? What did you think? What are your thoughts on pre-planning? Is it better if you plan or if you don’t? 


One thought on “Two Italian Strangers in Barcelona…

  1. I loved Florence so much!!! It’s a wonderful town with beautiful surrounding and in the evening hours it is magic! I caught the Cathedral and the Campanile in the fascinating light of the sunset and the white facade lighted back – one of my most loved pictures! Have great days there, I hope you’ll love Florence too 😃


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