#17 Intensity – Photo Days Project

Intensity noun, plural intensities. 1. the quality or condition of being intense. 2. great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence, etc., as of activity, thought, or feeling: He went at the job with great intensity. 3. a high or extreme degree, as of cold or heat. 4. the degree or extent to which something is intense. 5. a high degree of emotional excitement; depth of feeling: The poem lacked intensity and left me … Continue reading #17 Intensity – Photo Days Project

#15 Climber – Photo Days Project

Halfway up the mountain, we were surrounded by snow and we are in the middle of a snow storm. The inside of the truck was a bit cold but not majorly, looking outside of the window and you couldn’t see far. The snow was swirling and we could hear the wind whistling, everywhere was white, the sky, ground and air! I was thinking, are we … Continue reading #15 Climber – Photo Days Project

#14 Passion – Photo Days Project

A Lioness is passionate about protecting and raising her cubs, she is passionate about hunting, she is passionate when she roars.  Why does art stand out? You may hate street art but yet when you see some good pieces, it stands out and makes you notice. Even if you have seen similar art or photos? Why? Because the artists passion shows within their work. This … Continue reading #14 Passion – Photo Days Project

#13 Impressive – Photo Days Project

“Velocity and Direction of Movement. The Eurasian Plate moves north two centimeters every one year. The Eurasian Plate is the third slowest moving plate, behind the North American and South American tectonic plates.” – Cole Maloof Impressive may not be the right word to use when two plates are separating a country but it is slightly impressive. I don’t fully understand why the plates are separating or … Continue reading #13 Impressive – Photo Days Project