#4 – Challenge – Photo Days Project 

Challenge? What is your challenge?

I have my own daily challenges from beating Solitare to setting myself challenges throughout the day. Challenges aren’t just big things that are impossible to beat, but small things that test or push you to do better. Without them, I believe we wouldn’t do anything.

For example, the simplest challenge is life. Having the life you want. For that you need money, you work or do something to get that money. That is a challenge in its self. Before you go to work, you go to school, college and maybe University. All presenting numerous challenges along the way. Then theirs getting a job, you have to have a good CV, find a job you want, apply for it, pass the interview, start your new job, learn more about the job and then try and be the best at that job. That creates daily challenges that most of us are now used to, so we don’t think of them as challenges.

Challenges come in all different shapes and sizes and we don’t notice them all. In my opinion, every challenge is good.

They help us be better versions of us.


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