Zina Was Xena, She’s A Surviver, A Hero And My Best Friend! 

A Mans Best Friend! I don’t normally like using extremely common sayings but it’s way too accurate not to. Dogs, they really are our best friends. So loyal, passionate, thoughtful, funny and they definitely know how to cheer you up even when you don’t want to be cheered up!
I’d like you to meet mine, Zina. She is now about 11 years old and we have had her since she was two. Her story is amazing so I thought I would share it with you.
I was 13 or 14 and I had always loved dogs, I had lost my best friend Schnapps a couple of years before. He was a pure black Belgium Shepherd and was a bit naughty. My mum had got him before I was born, so I had pretty much spent my whole life with him. He was my best friend. He passed away when I was 11 and it completely broke my heart. My mum promised that she wouldn’t get another dog after I had asked her not too.

A few years went by and a family friend came to the house to drop a leaflet off for me, it read “Alsatian, 2 years old, free to a good home”. My mum then convinced me to go and meet the dog in the advert, after seeing how lonely I felt without Schnapps. The first thing I remember is when we were in the car on the way there all I was thinking was that I’d never get another dog because I didn’t want anyone to replace Schnapps.

When we got there it was a small farm on the corner of the main road. I remember my mum struggling to pull on the dirt driveway because the main road was so busy and the driveway was at a weird angle. When we got out of the car, a small staff started running towards us as it was barking. It hadn’t got very far when a harsh tug from its choker chain pulled it back violently. I instantly hated the farm, why wouldn’t they just put gates up rather than put a choker on the poor thing? As I walked towards the staff I heard my mum talking to the owner behind me “you’ve come for the Alsatian?”, the conversation started. As I got closer to where the staffs Kennel was, I noticed a similar kennel next to it along with two mouldy baskets of rain water and a bowl with a few mouldy dog biscuits in it. How can somebody treat a dog like this? The little Staffy should have clean water, fresh food and the ability to exercise properly! Next thing I knew a big Alsatian was growling and barking at me as I got closer to the staff. Shit.

I sat on the floor and smiled at the crazy Alsatian as it slowly and warily came towards me. “What’s its name?” I asked the fat man stood next to my mum, “Xena and it’s a girl” he replied. I said her name a few times as I said hello and she eventually stopped barking and came over to check me out. She sniffed me a little and then walked off. Great. The first dog I meet that isn’t excited and playful around me is the one I need to save. She is a short haired Alsatian but Black and Tan, darker than normal short haired Alsatians. Her eyes are big and a beautiful dark brown but they are tainted by a saddened droop. My heart was melting all over again and what’s worse is that she didn’t even like me. She wouldn’t leave my mum alone, as she sat proudly next to her until I approached and she would walk away. I started stroking the staff again and asked the man about her. It turns out that the staff had only just given birth to one-week old puppies and here she was tied up by a choker chain, outside and separated from her puppies! They were getting rid of Xena because they wanted to make room for more puppies, they were planning to keep a girl and a boy. I was suddenly extremely angry, I felt like punching him and putting him on a choker! How could he treat animals like this?

Xena still wouldn’t come near me but I kicked up a bit of a fuss to make sure she came home with us that day. I didn’t want her to be there one more minute or second! When he went inside to get “her things” I was surprised when he returned with just her papers. “Is that it? No food, no favourite toy? No favourite blanket?” I was fuming! “Kid, she’s a farm dog she doesn’t have toys and blankets, we have just run out of food but she only eats solid complete food. She can’t eat wet food”. Get me away from this horrible specimen of a human being!

We still had the fabric dog separation between the boot and the back seats that my mum had fitted when Schnapps eat the seat belts, and the boot was big enough for her so we thought we would put her in there for the journey to the shops and home. As he put her in the boot all I could see in her eyes was fear, she was absolutely terrified! I sat on the back seat and had turned my body so I could see her, she sat as far away from me as she could.

First stop, the shops. We wanted to get her some food, a bed and some toys. The whole way there I watched her, on the rare occasion that she would look at me I would have a big warm smile on my face. I never stopped talking to her, telling her she was beautiful, the walks we would have, that she was getting straight in the bath when we got home, she could stay in my room… We got to the shops and my mum and brother went in. I turned around and faced forward whilst still talking to her, I thought she may become a bit more comfortable if I wasn’t looking at her.

Sure enough, I suddenly felt hot air on the back of my neck and the shoulder closest to her. “Please don’t bite me, don’t,” I said whilst thin doesn’t move a millimetre. Then it happened… She kissed the back of my neck and bought her paw threw the bottom of the separator and put it on my shoulder. I turned around to her big and loving but sad brown eyes. That is the first moment we truly fell in love. She was going to be loved a cared for now, I didn’t believe she had felt any affection from a human been before and it was my mission to show her how a human can and will love her until the end of the world.

Zina is now 11 and is still my best friend. Theirs a lot more to her story like how we realised she was actually long haired, how we found out she couldn’t actually eat due to her jaw that was a inch undershot, how she got over a serious fear of men, how she bought up kittens and how she saved my life. I will share her whole life with you if you want me too, I probably will even if you don’t because she is a hero and her story deserves to be told.

I’d like to meet your pets! Please comment with pictures and your best pet story below. They are all heroes and heroes stories should be shared.


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