#15 Climber – Photo Days Project

Halfway up the mountain, we were surrounded by snow and we are in the middle of a snow storm. The inside of the truck was a bit cold but not majorly, looking outside of the window and you couldn’t see far. The snow was swirling and we could hear the wind whistling, everywhere was white, the sky, ground and air! I was thinking, are we seriously going to go on a snowmobile in that? I didn’t want to miss the chance to tick it off my bucket list but I didn’t want to die on a glacier either. As we climbed a bit further outside of the truck seemed to ease off slightly, the snow didn’t seem to be as thick as it came down. All of a sudden the truck came to a stop and we could hear the driver continuously trying to make it move.

“Okay guys we have broken down and there is another truck on its way down for you. Please take your belongings with you just in case. The other truck shouldn’t be long and you can wait in here”. Most of us decided to check out the outside whilst we waited, all I was thinking was time for a cig! Bad idea! Lighting a cigarette in that wind and snow was impossible, to begin with, seeing the cigarette was hard when snow was flying in my face and the wind didn’t like the flame from my windproof lighter so it kept blowing it out. So I decided to try and hide my lighter and cig in my coat whilst I put it… Success! It felt amazing at that point. I managed to light my cigarette, only for the wind to take it off me as soon as I bought it out of my coat! I watched as it flew across the glacier and into oblivion. Great, I guess it’s not the time for a cig.

I headed back towards the truck and as I started to pull myself up and back into it, the driver announced that the other truck was arriving. I looked over in the opposite direction to where we were initially going and there was no sign of the truck but the other people that were still in the truck were heading for the exit, so I jumped back down and then I noticed the other truck appear out of the snow. It had come from the direction we had been heading in and only seemed to take around 5 minutes to arrive. The replacement truck was slightly bigger, more comfortable and it was definitely taller and harder to climb into.

I’m not sure what these trucks are called but they are climbers! Walking in that wind and in those conditions was extremely hard, yet the trucks made it look easy! So that’s why I think of climbing when I see this shot.


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