#16 Canvas – Photo Days Project


I have spent as long as I can remember with one hobby, one thing I love doing, one thing that helps me relax and makes me feel happy. Art, drawing, painting any tool that I can use to be creative.

The chairs caught my attention and I was intrigued. I have never used a daily household product as my canvas and I know for a fact that I could never create something so amazing. I’m not sure whether the images have been engraved by hand or laser (most probably the later) but they are interesting. I didn’t get a chance to read more about the chairs or the artist but they have inspired me.

I left University a year ago and quickly realised that the hours I used to spend drawing and creating things no longer had the same effect. I didn’t feel relaxed and I didn’t want to draw or create anything, I had completely lost my inspiration. I’m not saying I haven’t been creative in any way over the last year, I have. But it has been forced, I haven’t had any inspiration influencing my designs. I have had brief moments of inspiration when I have been in Rio, Iceland and Florence but as soon I step off the plane back in England… The inspiration I found just disappears again.

Im hoping to find some inspiration and creativity again soon, and when I do I will be getting a new canvas!


One thought on “#16 Canvas – Photo Days Project

  1. Sure, you will find it again. Maybe at the time, you don’t expect it 😉 and maybe, one time, you find the perfect Canvas for your ideas you got in your Travel experiences! How was your time in Florence? I’m looking forward to getting a message from you 😃


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