#21 Warmth – Bread Bowl Soup

Warmth comes from a place deep within us all… We were exploring little side roads in Reykjavik, Iceland when we stumbled across a little soup kitchen. We stopped as we smelt the delicious goodness approaching our nostrils from within the store. The smell left my friend groaning and humming as it left myself speechless. We were suddenly absolutely starving but kept on walking. We went … Continue reading #21 Warmth – Bread Bowl Soup

#20 Thai Side – Long Tail Boats

What happens when you turn up in a place you want to spend at least the next 6 months in and it completely blows your mind and expectations? You take a boat ride and try and figure out if you are actually dead and just dreaming all of this up!! That’s how I have been feeling for the last month… Is this real? Have I … Continue reading #20 Thai Side – Long Tail Boats