#21 Warmth – Bread Bowl Soup

Warmth comes from a place deep within us all… We were exploring little side roads in Reykjavik, Iceland when we stumbled across a little soup kitchen. We stopped as we smelt the delicious goodness approaching our nostrils from within the store. The smell left my friend groaning and humming as it left myself speechless. We were suddenly absolutely starving but kept on walking. We went a little further up the road and jumped into a few arty shops and we probably spent way much more than we thought we would on art prints and postcards.

As we were leaving we noticed that the smell of the soup had been working its magic on us as we shopped and our stomachs were now also reacting… We both silently agreed and started walking back to the little bistro.

We arrived at the little soup bistro expecting it to be quite large inside because we could see the queue coming out of the door as we approached the road, however, it had gone as we arrived at the door so we presumed it would quite big inside. When we entered we then realised that actually, this place was pretty small and completely packed! We only waited about four minutes to be seated in a cute little corner of the bistro which we thought was amazing considering it was completely packed.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the closest word to explain the extreme satisfaction and explosion of tastes within my mouth when I super dunked some of the bread lids into the soup! I had chosen the meat soup out of the two options and all my senses agreed within the first taste!

Svarta Kaffi I wish I had found you at the start of our little adventure and not on the last day! you were amazing and I would recommend that people travel to Iceland just for the soup!



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