The Short Part of the Journey…

My story isn’t really about moving away. Maybe not even my time away… It’s about my journey whilst I’m finding my way home. Finding myself. Finding my life inside a globe.

I went to Florence and Germany before moving halfway across the world to Thailand… what the hell happened to my blog during this time?!?

Well, I was determined I would keep on writing to help get my creativity back and most of all… find happiness.

Of course, I have stumbled across my creativity and even captured it in a few moments. I have also found what I believe to be the real meaning of happiness and relaxation… but I did not manage to keep writing! Between the excitement and happiness, learning and growing, discovering and exploring, teaching and creating… I’ve been absolutely bloody knackered! But now, it just feels right. It feels like the right time to write.

I will keep on posting as much as possible and I’m sorry if my excitement or explorative nature puts my blog on the side… but I will be back! I will take you with me on the next adventure.
Teaching in Thailand is only the start.


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