What if? I despise that question! 

What if? The what if game is probably my favourite! I have been asked what if so many times I’d be rich by now if I had charged £1 every time, obviously, my answer is always the same. What if? Well, at least I’ll die happy. It’s really as simple as that. There is always hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t really do something but if there’s even one reason why you should, it’s worth trying. You see, the thing with life is, it’s fucking complicated. You have the best intentions but it doesn’t always work out. It can put you on your arse and there you are again, pulling yourself back up and telling yourself life is shit. Yet, you do crazy things that you don’t think will achieve anything and all of a sudden everything has changed, without you even trying.
I’ve tried and tested a few things and I’ve come to realise that life shouldn’t be so serious. If I can spend months or even years planning things that are either going to succeed or fail then why can’t I make spontaneous decisions that could make or break me and rather than wait months or years to see if I’m going to be swimming in success or drowning my sorrows… just do it now? Cut out the years, and do it now? Try something new just “because I can”… So what if? Well I’m not going to waste my time on the what ifs… if they happen then in that moment and at that time I will find a solution but for now I’m not going to waste my energy or time worrying about things that could go wrong and I’m just going to do the things that could go right. Try it for a month and see how much better you feel for just trying things and not worrying about things that could go wrong until they do go wrong! Let me know how it goes!


No worries, No what if’s, Just try it, and love life!


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