Sue Me Culture

Impending rant…Whilst living in Thailand I have noticed just how stupid and desperate some people back home are. Home for me is England. When I was living and working at home I was constantly annoyed by the extent of our health and safety precautions. They ruin a lot of fun but most of them are just common sense. For example… a wet floor sign. Fair enough if the flooring is weird and you can’t actually tell if the floor is wet but in my experience you can normally tell if the floor is wet. What do normal people do when they see a wet floor? Well you walk carefully and don’t do anything stupid because 9 times out of ten, if the floor is wet … it’s going to be slippery. It’s honestly not rocket science. 

I’m sorry they twisted their ankle after tripping over a curb… Its a bit shit, but shit, accidents happen. But then they go and sue the council just to get some quick £££ after wasting numerous doctors and the solicitors time. Why the hell do people think it’s okay to receive compensation because they are too thick to open their eyes and look where they are going? Fair enough sometimes you do look and you still don’t see things, that’s what’s called a accident! Next, all the suers will be expecting somebody to hold their hand whilst they cross the road because they can’t be arsed to look both ways! Our society is already shit without the endless amounts of health and safety precautions just so idiots don’t sue… but I guess it’s never going to change and it’s only going to get worse. Well done England we are all a bunch of idiots that can’t think for ourselves or realise “wow that’s a pretty big hole I probably shouldn’t walk into it”. 

I walk around in Thailand and I’m constantly avoiding live electrical wires, masive wholes in the pavements, aggressive Soi dogs, wet floors, cars and more… Yet somehow the people of Thailand don’t get electrocuted or suddenly have a pain in their spine that makes them unable to work just because they walked into a whole that could have easily been avoided. (Not often anyway). Why are they so different from us westerners? Well they grow up realising that they themselves need to use their brains and avoid things that could be a danger to their OWN health and safety. They don’t expect everybody else to think for them because they are not lazy thinkers. 

I’m not sure if it’s similar in the rest of the west but I have a feeling it is. Until it is confirmed I will just speak to the English public… England! Open your bloody eyes and actually use your brain for once, think for yourself! And if you are thinking of suing the council or a company for something stupid… think about it. Could you have avoided that? If so, then you are just going to make yourself look extreamly stupid or desperate. 

This rant is more aimed at the British people that see a pavement slab has risen over a inch and decide they have fallen over it and caused undetectable damage to their spine. Just so they don’t have to work because they are lazy. It is not aimed at people that have claimed with legitimate reasons (although all of the scroungers will claim they had a legitimate case they know themselves that they didn’t). 

Rant over. 


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