#32 Welcome to Bangkok – Bangkok Billboard

For the next couple of weeks, my posts will be centred around my experiences in Thailand. As you all know I’m not great at writing but hopefully, we will see some improvement as I continue with my blog. Whilst I was in Thailand I kept a bit of a thought diary so when I write the posts it will be based on how I felt then and maybe how I feel now looking back on it. Having said that I will still write some posts about what I am currently doing or thinking.

So I landed in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi Airport around seven months ago… I had done a little bit of research so I wasn’t thrown into the chaos that is Bangkok completely unknowingly. Even so, it was still overwhelming. Getting from the airport to Rikka Inn on Koh San Road was easy but expensive. Outside the airport are machines you get a taxi ticket from with a number for a bay you will go to to get your taxi. So off I went to my bay armed with a piece of paper that had the address of my hotel written in both Thai and English. Little did I know that the Taxi drivers in Thailand generally don’t know where anything is and they do NOT use sat nav!

So there I am, trying and failing to communicate with the taxi driver where my hostel was. Obviously, I had no idea where it was but neither did he. After about five minutes of pointing to the map and the Thai writing, he eventually looked at it properly and said: “ooh Khao San Road!”. “YES! That’s the one” I said as I realised that I had been pronouncing it completely wrong the whole time! No wonder he had no idea what I was talking about, poor guy. I threw my bags in the trunk and climbed into the back seat. On the way, I tried to make small talk and soon realised he knew very little English and still had no clue what I was going on about.

I settled into the seat and started observing the traffic and my surroundings. This is the moment I understood why there are so many vehicle accidents in Thailand. They are crazy on the roads! I became a little uptight just hoping I would survive the ride and as I watched how my taxi driver drove and how the other drivers responded, I was pleasantly surprised.

During my time in Thailand, I have noticed that they are generally very good drivers. Because EVERYBODY drives the way they do, they are more observant and they seem to predict and react to the movement of a vehicle before it even moves. Even though they rarely use signals! It’s quite surprising considering they have the second highest rate of collisions. Please still be cautious and careful if you yourself are driving as it is like a jungle on the roads… But the jungle was my welcome to Thailand moment.

Have you ever drove in Thailand? I would like to speak to somebody who has for another post.


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