Sim Cards In Thailand

The Thai SIM cards are pretty good and extremely easy to get. You can pick one up from the airport but I found it a bit complicated to set up. So I went to a 7-11 on Khao San Road. They showed me a sheet with numerous different options on ranging from 7 days to one month, pre-paid and post-paid. They also have 3G and 4G packages along with different amounts of data. I chose the 4G 12GB one month pre-paid package. The staff in 7-11 were really helpful and not only did they put the SIM card in my phone but they also set everything up including changing the language to English.

The data in Thailand not only goes further than it does in the U.K. But it’s also noticing quicker. Two days before my package ended, my 4G ran out and I thought my internet would cut off, as it does in England. However, it did not cut out! It just dropped to 3G and the connection was slower but I was still able to use it which was amazing! It’s really easy to renew it by just topping up the same amount at any 7-11 and your package will renew automatically on the same date.

So if you are heading over to Thailand for work or for travelling, don’t worry it’s really cheap and easy to get data!


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