#35 Daughters Love – Trafford Centre, Manchester

This takes me back to before my life changed. It feels like I’ve been out here exploring for years, especially now that I have noticed just how much I have changed.

The Trafford Centre in Manchester holds some amazing memories and the walls probably see some pretty crazy things. I never actually went that much, which makes it even more special when I do go. I never get bored of observing the entrance and every detail within its walls.

For me, it is the most impressive “mall” I have ever been in and it is definitely the nicest building in Manchester.

My mum, however, is not that impressed. She hates it! “oh yes it’s pretty” she mentions as she rolls her eyes. When I say “let’s go to the Trafford Centre”, I may as well be shooting her in the foot by her reaction. But, when we are there, I think she secretly does enjoy our little time together.

I only ever want to go to the Trafford Centre with my mum… Why? Because I love just wandering around with her. We don’t necessarily buy anything but I love winding her up as I go in and out of every shop “just looking”. Then we get half way through and her eyes light up. Thorntons Chocolatier is on the corner and she knows she’ll get some Banana ice creme. Without fail, every single time, she ends up with more Banana ice creme over herself than she can get in her mouth. “You should buy me a bib next time instead of ice creme”. She says the same thing every time followed by “well at least you know I enjoy it” whilst she has an innocent but the I’m in trouble look on her face.

Time with my mum doesn’t come around often (not by my choice but she would rather plant vegetables on Facebook than go shopping) haha. But every minute we do spend out of the house together is amazing. I am one of those people that care’s more about my mum than I do about myself (something that I have only realised since being away) and I doubt there is anything she could do that would make me not talk to her for longer than an hour. I am glad she doesn’t know about my blog otherwise she would know she could get away with murder!

I guess everybody knows that unique side to their own mum that nobody else sees. The memories I hold with my mum are special moments that I doubt she even thinks about, but for me, they are the bulbs that light up my life. She is the sparkle in my eyes, the bounce in my step, the strength in my shoulders, the determination in my thoughts and the flare in my creativity.

To all of the mums out there, stay amazing. We might not realise it but us, your kids (even if we are adults) appreciate everything you do and one day each and every child grows up and suddenly realises just how much you do.


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