#35 Daughters Love – Trafford Centre, Manchester

This takes me back to before my life changed. It feels like I’ve been out here exploring for years, especially now that I have noticed just how much I have changed. The Trafford Centre in Manchester holds some amazing memories and the walls probably see some pretty crazy things. I never actually went that much, which makes it even more special when I do go. … Continue reading #35 Daughters Love – Trafford Centre, Manchester

Thailand Bus’ting

Bus companys in Thailand are plenty. Choosing which one to go with is daunting and confusing. Knowing which one you want to go with is impossible until you know more. From the basic customer service to outstanding and truely unbeleivable… Its no longer just getting a bus. Continue reading Thailand Bus’ting

#29 Iron Army – Armoury Museum Florence

Just so you know I have a phobia about horses. Walking around the Armoury Museum in Florence was surprisingly¬†a nice experience. It was informative and interesting. The tour was unique and the guide was well informed. The main thing that I wasn’t expecting was that they had a lot more to show than just the expected armoury… Some of the extra bits that interested me … Continue reading #29 Iron Army – Armoury Museum Florence

#28 Frozen Direction – English Train Track

Everybody has had those moments where you get one moment to yourself and then all of a sudden you are reflecting on your current life thinking how did this happen? How did I get here? Not so long ago I wanted something so different. I look at what I was doing and I feel like everything was going in the right direction and then all … Continue reading #28 Frozen Direction – English Train Track

#27 Majestic Duomo – Duomo, Florence

WOW! During our time in Florence, we ended up spending quite a lot of time around the Duomo. The area around the Duomo is called the Piazza del Duomo and it is amazing! I could spend so much time just walking around exploring the area, finding new things, peek in different shops and having a coffee or cocktail outside different cafes. The Piazza is stunning … Continue reading #27 Majestic Duomo – Duomo, Florence

#26 Take a Breath – Field of Miracles

Yesterday, I wrote about my Marmite reaction to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and I mentioned the Field of Miracles. Today I simply want to show you what the Field of Miracles is. Granted, the day I visited was a bit gloomy and windy but the weather did not¬†take anything away from the experience. In fact, the weather made it more interesting. As we walked … Continue reading #26 Take a Breath – Field of Miracles