#35 Daughters Love – Trafford Centre, Manchester

This takes me back to before my life changed. It feels like I’ve been out here exploring for years, especially now that I have noticed just how much I have changed. The Trafford Centre in Manchester holds some amazing memories and the walls probably see some pretty crazy things. I never actually went that much, which makes it even more special when I do go. … Continue reading #35 Daughters Love – Trafford Centre, Manchester

#29 Iron Army – Armoury Museum Florence

Just so you know I have a phobia about horses. Walking around the Armoury Museum in Florence was surprisingly¬†a nice experience. It was informative and interesting. The tour was unique and the guide was well informed. The main thing that I wasn’t expecting was that they had a lot more to show than just the expected armoury… Some of the extra bits that interested me … Continue reading #29 Iron Army – Armoury Museum Florence

#28 Frozen Direction – English Train Track

Everybody has had those moments where you get one moment to yourself and then all of a sudden you are reflecting on your current life thinking how did this happen? How did I get here? Not so long ago I wanted something so different. I look at what I was doing and I feel like everything was going in the right direction and then all … Continue reading #28 Frozen Direction – English Train Track

#27 Majestic Duomo – Duomo, Florence

WOW! During our time in Florence, we ended up spending quite a lot of time around the Duomo. The area around the Duomo is called the Piazza del Duomo and it is amazing! I could spend so much time just walking around exploring the area, finding new things, peek in different shops and having a coffee or cocktail outside different cafes. The Piazza is stunning … Continue reading #27 Majestic Duomo – Duomo, Florence

#26 Take a Breath – Field of Miracles

Yesterday, I wrote about my Marmite reaction to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and I mentioned the Field of Miracles. Today I simply want to show you what the Field of Miracles is. Granted, the day I visited was a bit gloomy and windy but the weather did not¬†take anything away from the experience. In fact, the weather made it more interesting. As we walked … Continue reading #26 Take a Breath – Field of Miracles